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In 1987, AutoCAD released AutoCAD 2. In this first update, the program was released for the first time as a standalone graphics application and became a client-server application. In the original version of AutoCAD, the only external hardware required for operation was a monitor, although the first Windows-based models were still client-server based. The only client for the first version was the original Windows 1.0. At the time of AutoCAD 2’s release, Windows was a DOS operating system, which was not an officially supported operating system, so the server was still DOS-based. In the second version, an IBM PC client was available, enabling the user to work with other employees on a shared AutoCAD model, and the client-server architecture was also extended with remote login over the ARPANET.

AutoCAD released version 3, called AutoCAD R12, in 1992, making the application available to the widest range of users, including people without a dedicated CAD program. AutoCAD 3’s new features included the option to create cutting line geometry, and revision control. AutoCAD 3 introduced a new user interface, a new shape-modeling command set, and a graphical front end to Windows, allowing AutoCAD to work on a wide range of systems. AutoCAD 3 also introduced a new technology called the Windows 3.x front end, which was generally known as Windows NT.

AutoCAD 4, called AutoCAD LT, was the first official release of AutoCAD designed to run on Windows NT. AutoCAD 4 introduced the DXF file format for exchanging documents. AutoCAD 4 also introduced the concept of tag groups, and moved the AutoCAD Help to the program’s command line. AutoCAD LT 4 added the ability to load the 2D and 3D CAD files that came in AutoCAD 4 and older, although file format conversion was still required. AutoCAD 4 also introduced Dynamic Input.

AutoCAD 2013 was the first release of AutoCAD since AutoCAD LT 2004 to not be based on Windows NT. AutoCAD 2013 introduced the DXF 3D file format, tagged lines, and color texture mapping.

AutoCAD 2017 released AutoCAD for Windows. AutoCAD 2017 is a new version of AutoCAD, but it does not use a new GUI and many programs still require the legacy.DWG file format.

Another major

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AutoCAD allows construction of 3D models with numerous modeling methods. The primary method for 3D drafting is based on the “Constructive Solid Geometry” (CSG) method, which uses geometric objects, called bounding volumes. The CSG process, however, cannot produce surfaces and solids of revolution.

In general, AutoCAD provides four methods for 3D modeling:

Solid modeling. 3D models are built with a 2.5D wireframe, and then solid or shell. Solid modeling provides for the full freedom of modeling that usually requires AutoCAD, with the exception of creating curved surfaces and solids of revolution.
Surface modeling. 3D surfaces are generated by modeling a 2D shape with a 2D wireframe. A variety of methods are available for defining the shape, such as primitive, solid, polyline, spline, or bezier curves.
Feature modeling. Objects can be added to the model interactively by selecting from several other objects and placing them into the drawing.
Layout. Tools are available to generate floorplans, walls, stairs, doors, windows, etc., and place them into the drawing to create a model for a building.

Many other specialized methods are also available for specific tasks, such as dimensioning, line weight, thickness, etc., for walls.

AutoCAD is the world’s most popular 3D modeling and drafting system, and a number of companies offer 3D AutoCAD. Such products include Alias, Microsoft AutoCAD, Nemetschek, Siemens PLM Software, Sysmex, Suntec, System Designers and others. In addition, many third-party CAD software companies have developed interoperability features with AutoCAD, e.g. Human Engineering Software, Humanoid, NXN, Qualitas and Siemens NX.

Release history
AutoCAD 2010/2010 R1 – 2009/10/25
AutoCAD 2009/2009 R2 – 2008/10/27
AutoCAD 2009/2009 R1 – 2007/09/07
AutoCAD 2007/2007 R1 – 2006/08/25
AutoCAD 2006/2006 R1 – 2005/07/20
AutoCAD 2005/2005 R1 – 2004/06/19
AutoCAD 2005/2005 R2 – 2003/06/23
AutoCAD 2005/2005

AutoCAD 2022 24.1

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

NEW: Markup Assist is now available in AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Mechanical.

New Feature:

Automatic Reveal: When you move the cursor over a label, it automatically moves to display the data it contains.

NEW: Enhancements to AutoCAD’s display of 3D Objects.

Ribbon Toolbars: You can now see more of the ribbon toolbars and their shortcut keys.

NEW: The ribbon command toolbar is now available in AutoCAD Mechanical.

NEW: AutoCAD 2D and 3D allows you to draw directly on top of an existing 2D or 3D drawing.

NEW: AutoCAD displays the color of 3D objects with a spectrum of colors, so you can view objects in full color.

Rotation Gizmos: The Ribbon Commands: Rotate, Transform, Scale, and Distort now include an optional tooltip that displays the exact rotation angle.

Color Table Editor:

Color Table Editor: Color Table Editor is now available in AutoCAD Architecture.


Guides: New standard lines for making 2D and 3D shapes.

NEW: The Quick Info balloon (aka Label Studio balloon) can now be activated from the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, or the Text Editor, and it will appear on the ribbon. (Video: 1:30 min.)

NEW: Choose the shape of lines in ribbon commands, especially the tools at the right edge of the ribbon.

NEW: Multiple selection: You can now select more than one object at once in the Select Objects dialog box.

NEW: Paste Object: Create a new document by pasting an existing drawing.

NEW: Path Trace: Easily trace lines and curves, create dynamic 2D illustrations, and reduce drawing time.

NEW: Improved editing in the Shape Builder.

NEW: Improved editing in the Shape Builder and Modeling tools.

NEW: New features and enhancements to the Mirror, Exterior, and Interiors tools in AutoCAD Architecture.

NEW: New features in the Geometric Creation tools.

NEW: Edit surfaces in 3D.

NEW: New features in AutoCAD Mechanical.

NEW: New features in 3D.

NEW: New features

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or greater
CD-ROM: DirectX 9.0c compatible and CD-ROM drive
HDD: 300 MB free space
Sound: Microsoft Sound System compatible sound card
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 2048×2048
resolution, minimum display drivers V 1.9.0
If you are running Windows Vista or newer you will

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