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The development of AutoCAD began in 1979 when Autodesk created the first version of DWG and DWF using the Acorn BBC Micro and Apple II microcomputers. The company was experimenting with a software application that would allow drafters to use the computer to design a building. The result was AutoCAD in December 1982. During development, the program was referred to as “Draft Manager.” It was designed by Pat English and developed by Geoff Wharton. The original name for the first release was “AutoCAD.”

The company changed its name to Autodesk in 1992. Since then, Autodesk’s business has diversified beyond software development. Its product line is now made up of graphic design software (AutoCAD), engineering software, workflow management software (Autodesk Softimage), media production software (3ds Max and Maya), eLearning solutions, interactive digital media products and more.

According to the company’s website, “AutoCAD is one of the world’s leading software products, running on more than 300 million computers worldwide and used for a wide variety of tasks. It is known for enabling mechanical, civil, industrial, architectural, and infrastructure professionals to design and create their creations more effectively, faster and with fewer errors.”

The company lists customers that include “approximately 50% of the world’s major manufacturers, 50% of the Fortune 500, 25% of Fortune 100, and 10% of the Fortune Global 500.”

The company’s pricing for AutoCAD is tiered. The company offers a free version of the software as well as a variety of different levels of paid access, ranging from the regular personal subscription (free for up to 2 users), Professional (paid for multiple users), Ultimate (paid for multiple users with an annual subscription), and Enterprise (paid for multiple users with a quarterly subscription).

On the company’s website, a video introduction to AutoCAD is available for viewing and personal use. The video covers the basics of the software, its different features and the basic operation of the software.

The video (embedded below) uses the AutoCAD-2016 training DVD included with the AutoCAD 2016 software to explain the different elements of the software. The video also provides a quick reference to the software’s tools and the keyboard shortcuts used to access the different tools.

The video was developed by Karl Sandell and René Kermecke and was originally created to help demonstrate the software to potential customers.

AutoCAD Download PC/Windows

Base layout functionality is a free Windows application from Autodesk. As well as being free, Base Layout is completely independent of AutoCAD and can be used to view, edit, and create drawing layouts, as well as placing, printing, exporting and sharing these layouts with others.

AutoCAD is either priced according to function or by volume. It is possible to license the software for free to individuals, or for $45 per month to $50 per month for a commercial license, depending on whether or not architectural drawings are included. After an initial free trial, users can upgrade to the Autodesk Account Manager, which provides online backup and recovery tools, online technical support, and access to Autodesk educational content. Free users must upgrade to the Autodesk Account Manager to download new updates. AutoCAD Architectural Edition is a special version of AutoCAD for architects. It includes 3D and surface modeling tools, 360-degree views, and many other features. It is not available for use by anyone outside of Autodesk’s Architectural Division.

Additional functions may be available for specific editions of AutoCAD:

AutoCAD Architecture allows 3D and surface modeling to be done in an architectural context.
AutoCAD Electrical allows electrical, HVAC, and plumbing design to be performed.
AutoCAD Civil 3D is a full-featured version of AutoCAD specifically designed for civil engineering projects. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Android.
AutoCAD LT is a simplified version of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD runs on the Windows platform. It is available on PCs running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and requires the use of Windows Server 2012 or later. AutoCAD 2013 requires 2.8 GHz quad-core processors with 2 GB of RAM, whereas earlier versions of AutoCAD run on dual-core 1.8 GHz or 3.2 GHz (some CAD models use RAM optimization techniques to maintain performance on single-core processors). AutoCAD 2010 or AutoCAD LT runs on a minimum of a 3.6 GHz processor.

Linux compatibility was added with AutoCAD 2011.

AutoCAD is also available on the Mac platform, since 2008. It was a fork of the discontinued Autodesk Macromodeling, and AutoCAD 2008 Mac was the first version of AutoCAD

AutoCAD Crack + (Final 2022)

Open “File/New/Page…” and press “New” to add a new page.
Add all the pages of your project, and select the drawing section.
Add the drawing to the page by double-clicking the drawing in the list
Select the “Drawing” tab, and turn off all the other tabs.

Right-click on the “Drawing” tab and select “Clone Drawing…” from the menu
Select “From Template…” and select the “use template” option.
Select the “Autocad Data Source:” (middle one on the list)
Select the drawing from the drop-down list and press the “Create” button.
Select the pages you want to have as a template. Press the “OK” button.

Press the “Open” button in the top menu bar, and press the “Create…” button.
Select the new drawing, and press the “Edit” button.
Select “Common/Status Line” from the right-click menu.

Press “Done” to exit “Manage Pages”.
Press “Done” to exit “Drawing” menu.
Press “File/Save As…” and select a folder.
Press “Save” to save the document.

How to use the uninstaller
Uninstall the product via Add/Remove programs.

Note: After uninstalling the product, you should not uncheck the box “Keep the product’s folder”.

Autocad file exchange

The Autocad file exchange is a feature which allows you to install a program or use a 3rd party component or plugin on a computer without using the Autocad Product Key or Autocad product key generator. The process is similar to the “Add/Remove Programs” program that Microsoft Windows provides with its operating systems.

Software distribution companies sometimes include Autocad product keys or Autocad product key generators with new software. In this case, you can easily install the software for free without using an Autocad product key generator.

If you do not have an Autocad Product Key or Autocad product key generator, you will need to use the Autocad file exchange program to install Autocad. It’s a free download on the Autocad download page.

Some programs that claim to be Autocad product key generators are actually unreliable because they are a scam. Some are actually malware and may try to steal your Autocad product key or Autoc

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatically generate changes to your drawing based on feedback from other drawing elements, such as shapes, text, images, and tables.

The functionality of the dialogue that lets you interact with feedback is being enhanced.

The redesigned “Editing” panel makes it easier to interact with your drawing.

Make edits to your drawings and easily update the visual display. The redesigned toolbar offers more flexibility for working on your drawing.

Access work without getting in the way. The new Interact panel lets you add, edit, and remove drawing elements. (video: 1:55 min.)

Collaborate on your project with coworkers, clients, and stakeholders. Work collaboratively on a single drawing, share changes with others, and review the changes to your drawing with your collaborators.

Show comments to explain the changes to others.

Edit comments within your drawing from within the same window where you make changes.

Work in sections. View the changes you have made since a last save.

Create and view comments on models for freehand drawing.

Work on a drawing with multiple sections, models, and views. Create, view, and edit comments on models in sections and views.

Automatically generate changes to your drawing based on feedback from other drawing elements, such as shapes, text, images, and tables.

Use shortcuts to navigate your drawing with the keyboard or to perform common drawing tasks.

Quickly review edits and comments in the drawing history.

Manage design assets and create alternate representations for your drawing. Organize and filter your assets with an intelligent library and work with alternate representations for your models.

Access and collaborate on your project online.

Launch a project from a URL address in a browser.

See and work on your project anywhere.

Create a new project from the cloud or from any drive or network location.

Quickly access your project from the cloud or a drive or network location.

Version Control:

Work on the same drawing with multiple colleagues, with the safety of a shared online project.

Create a new project from any shared folder.

Move, copy, delete, and rename models and drawings within a project.

Collaborate on the same drawing with multiple collaborators, with the safety of a shared online project.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

32-bit/64-bit Operating System:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Mac OSX Snow Leopard or later
Ubuntu 12.04
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 or later
SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 or later
Debian 7 or later
All Systems Supported
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver:
Release Date: 2013-05-02
Driver Version: n

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