ATRIS Technik (1Q.2015) Installation

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ATRIS Technik (1Q.2015) Installation


Sep 10, 2017


Mongoose Model.findOneAndUpdate() returns undefined

the problem is that I’m trying to use an API as a source for my MongoDB. I’m using the API at but I want to save the data I get to my database. When the page loads, I use $http.get to get the data. The data is OK, since when I show it in the console it shows the expected data.
This is the data:
But when I try to find it and save it, it always ends up with an undefined result.
Here’s the code of the function (POST
var mongoose = require(‘mongoose’),
Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var userSchema = new Schema({
username: String,
password: String,
token: String

module.exports = mongoose.model(‘user’, userSchema);

var user = require(‘./index’);

const getToken = function(user){
return user.token

async function getUser(token, userData) {
if (token) {
var user = await user.findOneAndUpdate({ token: token },{ $set: userData }, {
new: true,
returnOriginal: true,
safe: true
if(!user) {
return console.log(“res”);
} else {
} else {
userData = await user.findOne(userData);


Jan 13, 2017
Check and make sure you have DVD 1 and DVD4 installed.DVD1.
January 23, 2018
(This post was last modified: January 23, 2018,. Hi, In my car (BMW) DVD1 and DVD4.can i install atris without installing older versions? ..
Atris Technik (1Q.2015) T30 Viagra September 01, 2013 Подробное описание.. Разработано по мастер-класса “Rudi_Schwarz” на Seiko WatchOS 2.
Installing Atris Technik (1Q.2015) on BMW i3
Feb 7, 2014
One thing that is NOT mentioned in the video below is that you have to use the DVD 1 – Atris Technik 1Q2015.DVD4 “your choice btw DVD1 and DVD4” to make the install work
Außerdem wird die Installation im Vergleich zum Beispiel.atris technik (1q 2015) stahlgruber
The following users say Thank You to ermirst111 for this useful post:
Greetings Tobi,
Can I use DVD 1 instead of DVD 4, when installing Atris Technik 1Q 2015?
I don’t have DVD4 installed (I have DVD1).
In the video of installer, it is said that DVD 1 is required to do the install, so is DVD4, not DVD 1.
Also, this video says that “install without pictures”, so not only a Picture of the DVD 1 without pictures.
Sorry for my English.
Kind regards,
Dear Josi,
thank for you question. In the video you can see your DVD1 and DVD4 only as example. If you have DVD1 then you need to install the DVD1. and if you have DVD4 then you need the DVD4.
If I install the Atris Technik (1Q.2015), on your BMW i3, I’ll create an Help Thread for you on my Blog.
Kind regards,
Hi Tobi.
Thank you for the support. I don’t want to install it

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