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The program provides you with necessary tools for monitoring the temperature of your system’s processor.

Asus Tempster is a practical tool that intends to provide you with temperature information about your CPU. Whether you want to keep an eye on the temperature of your processor or you need to compare the values under certain circumstances, this tool can be of help.
As the name clearly states, the program is designed to work on the computers that have an ASUS motherboard. It connects to the temperature sensors from the motherboard in order to display the information on your desktop.
The main window of the program displays a thermometer for the CPU temperature that is expressed both in Fahrenheit and in Celsius degrees. For precision purposes the values are also displayed in a digital counter. A warning message indicates when the temperature is above the threshold specified in the Settings window.
The application includes multiple features that can help you react when the processor’s temperature is too high. You can set the program to alert you by playing a sound when the temperature exceeds a certain limit. An automatic shutdown option is also included in case your computer is overheated and you are not around to take action.
An interesting and potentially convenient feature is the Window Marker. It enables the application to add the temperature information in the title bar of all the maximized windows so you can view the temperature while performing other tasks.
The log feature allows you to record and to view the temperature information for longer period of time. Thus, you can create a statistic with the heat generated by the processor in a certain time interval or while using a CPU intensive application.
Overall, Asus Tempster provides all the basic features required to monitor the temperature of the CPU in real-time. It is simple and efficient solution for monitoring any processor from an ASUS motherboard.

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Asus Tempster Crack [Win/Mac]

The efficient and reliable temperature monitoring system for all ASUS motherboards.
Detects temperature signals from temperature sensors from the motherboard and displays the information in the title bar of your monitor.
Simple to use, easy to operate.
Easy to install.
Local and remote monitoring.
Window marking for monitoring CPU and CPU temperature.
Log file feature for long-term CPU temperature record.
Windows clock mark function for monitoring CPU and CPU temperature.
Speech notification if the temperature is too high.
Automatic shutdown for automatic termination for long-term CPU temperature record.

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Asus Tempster With Key Download

Monitor the CPU temperature in real-time on the ASUS motherboards. The program can also be used to test the heat generated by overclocking.
Display CPU temperature in real-time and in Fahrenheit/Celsius degrees.
Simple to use and easy to read thermometer for both CPU and CPU-GPU temperature.
Hardware and software optimized for the ASUS motherboards.
Add the CPU temperature to the title bar of your maximized windows.
Record and view heat log for up to 3 days.
Scheduled shutdown when CPU temperature is too high.
Extensive logging options and detailed statistics.
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What’s New in the?

• The program can monitor the temperature of the processor in real-time.
• Allows you to display the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.
• Logs records the data about temperature in the form of a statistic.
• Windows option that adds temperature information in the title bar of all the maximized windows.
• Support a variety of mobile phone systems: GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA.
• Supports software update via SMS.
• Support phone-based updates.
• Can be configured to play a sound when the temperature exceeds a specific limit.
• Allows you to shutdown the computer after a specific period of time when the temperature exceeds a set point.
• Has a built-in automated shutdown and a log feature to record the temperature of the computer.
• Can be set to display the temperature in Fahrenheit and in Celsius.
• Support Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA.
• Supports Bluetooth and USB.
• Supports Skype and Facebook.
• Includes a built-in mini-weather icon with an hourly forecast.
• Supports 4 languages.
• Supports pre- and post-load methods.
• Supports screen modes: horizontal, vertical, and rotation.
• Allows you to create a picture for the Application Menu.
• Supports unique theme.
• Allows you to change the application, log, and weather.
• Supports a wide range of mobile phones.
• Supports the video format AVI.
• Supports CDDA and MP3.
• Supports PDF, HTML, and TXT.
• Support automatic updates via email or SMS.
• Supports audio formats: wma, mp3, wav, and ogg.
• Allows you to set up sound in specific situations.
• Supports the Windows 8 certification.
• Allows you to show/hide the CPU icons.
• Support RSS feeds.
• Supports English, Chinese, Russian, French, and German.



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System Requirements For Asus Tempster:

Windows 10 64bit (Install/Run from USB)
OS X 10.11 El Capitan (Install/Run from USB)
Supported Drivers:
NVIDIA 10 Series
Intel HD4000/5000
AMD 8xx/9xx/Xxx Series
Intel X3xx/4xx/5xx Series
AMD GCN (Graphical Core Next) Cards
Driver Version Compatibility:
Display Driver – 10.6 and above
Cuda Toolkit – 10.1

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