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Akiee is a task manager that aims to be a bit different than most other such as apps. It mainly stands out from the crowd by being a Markdown-based task manager, hence, it does not rely on complicated databases or other types of non-accessible formats to save your tasks.
Other than the fact that it conveniently stores your notes and tasks in Markdown files, this cross-platform application is well worth your attention for the strength of its utter simplicity.
Store and organize tasks with the least amount of effort
For starters, your tasks can be organized in three main and self-explanatory sections (or can have three states, if you will) as follows: TODO, DOING, and DONE. You will also find that things are quite straightforward when it comes to task privatization, as you can only define a clear ranking of tasks by ordering them accordingly – the most important ones at the top.
As expected, you can also create planned tasks with due dates, and better organize them with the help of tags. It almost goes without saying that the application also allows you to add various details and notes to your tasks. Another interesting aspect stems from the fact that Akiee offers two more view modes (apart from the default one), namely a Board View and a Code view. Last but not least, from the app's main menu, click the Task Statistics option and you are instantly provided with the total number of tasks and their locations on your computer's hard disk.
Simplistic and somewhat different task manager for the pragmatic users out there
All in all, Akiee is a fairly minimalist task manager that is mainly intended for home users. It boasts a simple set of intuitive features, it saves your tasks in Markdown files (and directly to your Dropbox, if you want), and it's incredibly straightforward in almost all respects.







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Akiee is a task manager that allows you to keep track of your tasks, notes and calendar events. You can save tasks directly to your Dropbox folder, or you can “archive” tasks which are already in your Dropbox folder and add them to Akiee instead.
Each task is stored in a plain text file. The time estimates you give tasks, descriptions, tags, and notes are also saved in these files. Comments and notes about each task are saved in a comment file, or in a separate file for notes. These comments and notes can be accessed by right clicking the task.
App Features
● Adds tasks directly to the Task Documents folder or to your Dropbox account.
● Adds notes directly to the task file. The notes are saved in a comment file.
● Supports a variety of file types:.txt,.md,.html, and.md (Markdown based).
● Automatically updates the task’s status to DONE, TODO, or DOING
● Tags – Tags are for organizing tasks. If you write something on a task, you can add a new Tag to that specific task to organize your tasks.
● Attach images to tasks, notes, and comments.
● Rename tasks, notes, or comments (for simplicity).
● Add links to tasks (wiki system)
● Collapse tasks by status – DONE, TODO, or DOING
● Copy tasks
● Create Notifications
● Show statistics for your tasks
● Switch between the Task Documents folder and the Markdown files directly in the application
● Create any task with the name that you want.
● Drag tasks around the task documents folder and archive them to the Dropbox
● Supports a task archive/organize commands so you can quickly archive/organize lots of tasks.
● Batch-Archiving tasks and adding/removing the tags of these tasks to an existing folder
● Support add-ons, such as mobiSync.mobi, a native webDAV sync solution that will work with the Dropbox folder and sync your tasks folder between your devices
● View tasks in a variety of different views, or use the Task Statistics for an overview of the tasks.
● Display tasks by Due Date or by Priority
● Create tasks on a Task Calendar
● Delete tasks, notes, or comments from the lists
● Organize your tasks into folders by Tag
● You can now view lists and create notes for each tag separately
● Translate

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View and organize your tasks in three main and self-explanatory sections (or can have three states, if you will) as follows:
• Todo
• Doing
• Done
• Planned: Track your tasks with a set deadline.
• Tag (a list of words that can be customized to your liking.)
• Private: Only you can edit your tasks
• Customize your board with images, colors and more!
• Tag and due dates (filter tasks by custom tags and due dates)
• Add notes to your tasks and organize them in categories
• Save in Dropbox, Google Drive or GitHub
• Share your boards with others via URLs, email and more
• Task stats and sharing statistics.
• Quickly add tasks via keyboard shortcuts (if you like that)
• Display your boards in a code or board view
Akiee Timer:
Track your tasks with a set deadline. Akiee can track up to 4 different tasks at once! Set the countdown of your tasks and get notified when your tasks are about to run out! When you are not busy, you can even pause your tasks to take a break or come back later to finish them!
Task Statistics:
View your tasks by their location on your computer’s hard disk! Check out your tasks’ current location using the locations view and browse your project folders to see where your tasks are located! You can also view statistics on all of the tasks that are tracked and how much disk space they take up.
Task Categories:
Categorize your tasks into one or more categories. Add as many categories as you want. Add multiple tags to each task that you want to make easier to find.
Task Repetition:
Track repeated tasks. Set how frequently you want to track tasks by setting a number of days to go by without creating a new task.
Create a new Task:
Create a new task right from inside Akiee. Add up to 4 tags, set a due date and choose a location for the task. That’s it!
Add a Tag:
You can add tags to your tasks to help organize the tasks in your life. Create a tag list and reuse it for your tasks.
Add a Task:
Task. Create a new task right from inside Akiee. Add up to 4 tags, set a due date and choose a location for the task. That’s it!
Edit Tags:
You can add tags to your tasks to


Akiee is a task manager that stores tasks in Markdown files and uses them from a folder on your computer. If you want, you can also link tasks into Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox and RSS feeds.
Akiee Highlights:
– Simple but powerful task manager
– Supports GTD and other GTD systems
– Cross-platform desktop and web app
– PDF export of tasks
– Markdown support
– Add tasks and organize them in the three states of TODO, DOING, and DONE
Akiee Pros:
– Easy to use, just one click and you are done
– Quick to setup
– Markdown, a great way to organize and backup your notes and tasks
– Supports GTD
– Add tasks and organize them in the three states of TODO, DOING, and DONE
Akiee Cons:
– Advanced users might find it a little too simple (but that may be a good thing for you)
Akiee is available on:
– Mac Store
– Windows Store
– Android Store
Need help?
If you’ve got an issue with Akiee and want some help, we’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible:

For Mac:
– Head over to our macOS Store page
– Click Get Akiee
– Follow the onscreen instructions
– Submit feedback
– Contact us
– Thank us

For Windows:
– Head over to our Windows Store page
– Click Get Akiee
– Follow the onscreen instructions
– Submit feedback
– Contact us
– Thank us

You can also get a direct link to our Mac and Windows apps by clicking on the Get Akiee button (it might take a few minutes to load) and copying and pasting the link that appears in your e-mail.
What’s next?
The Windows and Mac apps are basically bug-free, and every version has been developed by the same team of two developers. Both platforms are also compatible with the Mac version of Akiee and you are free to switch back and forth between the two apps.
We’ve been using Akiee for the past few months and can honestly say that it works like a charm and that it saved us a lot of time. If you decide to try it out, the “normal” price tag is $3.99, but it’s currently on sale for $2.49. We’d

What’s New in the?

Todo List: Things you need to do in the future.
What To Do: Things you still need to do.
What Needs To Get Done: Things you need to do that aren’t on your ToDoList or WhatToDoList.
Things Finished: Things done, and you don’t need to do them again.
What’s Done: You’ve accomplished everything that was on your ToDoList and whatWasToDo, and there’s nothing left to do.
Current Task List: Used in TodoList, WhatToDo, and WhatNeedsToGetDone.
Storage: Similar to Dropbox, allows you to save data and allow the user to move their data easily from one machine to another.

The main function of this App is to help you manage your todo list, however, if you want to have it organize your tasks, then it will, but it is not intended for professional use.
Akiee is an all-in-one todo list app that allows you to manage everything you want to. You can create daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly ToDo lists as well as plan out any task.
Akiee Features:

With ease, you can add new to-dos, to-do comments, create recurring tasks, or remove completed tasks from your list.
Organize your todos into different lists, as there will be one todo list for work, one for things to do around the house, and etc.
Organize all your notes into the Akiee’s Note Viewer.
There are three views available, Day view, Month view, and Weekly view.
Support for over 300 languages including English, Spanish, and Japanese.
Create events on your calendar right from the app.
Create a calendar based on your language and then add events to it
Create quick notes and visit notes right from the app.
Copy your tasks, notes, and events to other applications, such as Evernote, Memoist, SimpleNote, Springpad, Wunderlist, and many other apps.

Your info is stored using a SQLite database where you can add and organize tasks.

Please visit the website to get more info:

Fully featured Desktop Calendar:
Add events right from the calendar, and mark things as


System Requirements For Akiee:

PC (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista)
Mac (OS X 10.9 or higher)
Mac (OS X 10.8 or higher)
Android devices
iOS devices
TV (Xbox 360 or newer consoles)
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