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The image-editing powerhouse, Photoshop, continues to evolve with new features and enhancements each year. Although the Photoshop product has always been available in many languages and is integrated with Corel (see the nearby sidebar), a number of quality applications that complement Photoshop are also available, including Elements (discussed later in this chapter) and Pixelmator (``). These applications are also in the pocket-size bracket.

Editing tools have become increasingly important for the production of graphics for online use. Image editing is important not only for web designers but also for everyday graphic design work. Increasingly, people are creating graphics online using Web 2.0 techniques such as RSS, YouTube, and Blogger. If you’re not producing your own graphics, you can probably still benefit from using Photoshop for any tweaking needed to your work.

When a picture needs a little TLC

When you take a photograph, you can sometimes run into problems with your picture. Perhaps you have taken a photo in a place where the brightness is a little too bright or the color a little too garish. Or maybe you captured the scene at the wrong time of day or with the wrong exposure.

To fix problems such as these, you can edit your photos in Photoshop. Figure 9-2 shows how to edit an image in Photoshop.

Photos can also become corrupted during the transfer from your camera or memory card to your computer. This type of corruption is also easy to fix. By using Photoshop, you can edit your photos and fix any problems, saving them from becoming unsalable.

**Figure 9-2:** Use the Image Adjustments dialog box to correct the brightness, saturation, contrast, and so on.

Getting the exposure just right

A photo taken with the light meter on the camera’s camera is usually fine, but those who shoot with a traditional reflex viewfinder usually need to use the camera’s exposure meter.

The meter measures how much light is hitting the subject of the picture and tells your camera what shutter speed and aperture settings to use. Some cameras have settings that override the camera’s exposure meter. For example, the Canon Powershot series and the Kodak DCS 520 and DCS 550P models have an option in the Custom Menu that allows you to turn off the camera’s metering system and turn on the exposure meter.

Use the camera’s exposure meter as a guide and, if the meter is off, use

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The Elements user interface is, for the most part, a direct replica of that of the professional edition. This saves on learning and on the time users will spend looking for icons that are similar to those in the professional version.

With just a little know-how, you can use the Elements toolbox to get work done. The Elements user interface is simple, and it reflects the options available and the tools that you are using. Unlike the professional version, you only have access to the tools that you have installed on your computer.

To use this article, you will need to be familiar with the following elements of the Elements user interface:

The background

The Photoshop Elements toolbar and dock

The tool palette

The Window menu

The Preferences tab

The New tab

The Menus tab

The layers palette

The Toolbox

The menu bar

The workspace

The Layer menu

The Properties and History tabs

The Layers and Channels palette

The image adjustments

The Solid Color palette

The Brush

Creating a new document

The Background

You can use Elements to create either a new image or a new document in the Elements interface. The layers palette shows this when you first open it. You can see from the thumbnail of the preview area in the image area that a background is selected.

A background is required to open a new image or to create a new document.

To create a new image, navigate to the File menu and choose New, or press Ctrl + N.

To create a new document, navigate to the File menu and choose New Document, or press Ctrl + N + N.

The Photoshop Elements user interface

The Create New Document option is accessed in a similar way to the Create a New Image, but with the Create new Document option, you will be prompted to select a document type. The default is PSD, for Photoshop Document, which is the standard format for creating documents.

To select a new document type, navigate to the File menu and select New, or press Ctrl + N.

You will then be prompted to select the document type.

Opening an existing image

After you have created a new image, you can use the layers palette to access the layers of the image. The Layers palette opens with the new document selected.

The layers palette will show the newly created layers as

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