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A Douasprezecea Noapte Pdf Download


This document was uploaded by the user and douasprezecea noapte rezumat, teatru a douasprezecea noapte, douasprezecea noapte teatrul de comedie . Perhaps, as Daniil Fedortsov suggested, this was one of the first acts of Pierre’s literary activity.
Much of this letter, based on observations of everyday life, and perhaps on personal experience, is built on anthropological premises. The son of a poor official, as many authors wrote about, Leo Tolstoy, the great-grandson of a peasant, Tolstoy Jr. went through the horror of cholera, the Lena famine, recruitment, prison and exile, but his anthropological properties were complex and contradictory. Having received a strong primary education, he studied at the gymnasium for several years and, apparently, at that time became interested in anthropology, but in 1861 he switched to history. His diary [200] is a confusing, contradictory, cruel world of experiences, descriptions of intimate incidents, dreams of a cultural and religious life, for which it was no longer entirely clear what to call for. In addition, it is also a biography told within the same anthropological framework.
“It seems that Tolstoy is describing himself,” the researcher notes. – Avoiding giving exact facts about his own childhood and character, he makes a statement that he is “a man of a weak, sickly physique and a weak mind,” and, describing his early childhood, relies on edifying stories about childish stubbornness and a frivolous attitude towards study. This document also includes observations on individual traits that may indicate Tolstoy’s strange obsession with consciousness of his own human dignity. He writes: “My grandfather was a serf; I was a farmhand on my estate, and my life was bitter, ugly and unbearable. All the children of my serfs, like their mothers, lived in courtyard families, and I was one of those unfortunates who worked from dawn to dusk. Drunkards and lechers, cruel overseers and cruel masters, serfs and Russian officials, servants and teachers, rude and ignorant, mercenary and inattentive – that’s what surrounded me all my life.
Leo Tolstoy is a man who, with his egoism and thirst for power, caused discontent among other people, was offended by any signs of attention
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